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Life’s Simple Pleasures 2013

December 31, 2012

girls 010

So…. a whole new year is starting in a little over 12 hours.  And I plan on living LIFE’S simple pleasures!!!  Care to join me???

girls 007 I’m very excited to share here on my blog a whole multitude of ways to enjoy the journey in 2013.  LIFE doesn’t have to be complicated.  There are simple pleasures to experience in so many different ways!!!

girls 008

Here we are in week one of a year-long exploration of me and my LIFE’s journey to seek simple pleasures… the trick is to enjoy life!

I am actually taking two on-line courses and have a few resources up my sleeve to act as my muse. I hope to not run out of ideas for the next 365 days, and beyond!

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One of life’s simple pleasures is a favorite beverage!  It could be a special cold drink on a hot, hot day!  A warm brew that ‘lightens’ your senses.  A fun drinking mug that helps you appreciate even with your finger tips, or fruity glass that reminds you of a tropical island!!!  I have a lot of favorite drinks…. I could never go to the same place and have ‘the usual’!!  I like to try different things…all the time.

One of LIFE’S simple pleasures is enjoying a favorite beverage!!!

And there are so many ways to do that…. with friends in your home, in a cool hand crafted mug, by the fire with your feet up, in a quiet cafe on a busy corner (just people watching) , slurping up water in a bubbler, when you are thirsty!

Tell me what your favorite beverage is!  I hope it quenches your thirst!!!!  Come back and visit me again!!!! Happy New Year!!!

DIY frame Makeover

December 19, 2012

I see so many before and afters….before

Of course I said I can do this myself. I’d like to say that I up-cycled this.  It was a perfectly nice frame when I found in a ‘special’ aisle at Hobby Lobby, but I thought I could add a little ‘creative twist’….. and make it ever more special!!

tweek 004 copy

The pink was too bright, and it didn’t really express the grand occasion that was being celebrated.  I added a few coats of Acrylic black paint to the entire frame. I knew that I would be covering it with paper and mod podge, so it didn’t have to be perfect!


After painstakingly waiting for the paint to dry ( I am very impatient!!!)… I found the patterned papers that fit my shabby chic theme in my stash and pieced and mod podged the top part of the frame and the sentiment area.  I let the layers dry so that I had a good coating.


Then using the computer, I created a few personalized sentiments and placed them inside the frame.  On top I added some embellishments of a silky black flower, rosettes made from a re-cycled book, a fun page clip that allow the sentiments to be interchangeable (you could even clip another picture in that spot and make it a 3hree for) and finished with floppy seem ribbon tied up in a beautiful bow.

Are You Ready

December 19, 2012

treat 003Wouldn’t it be fun to just say ‘for what?’

SHINE brightly

December 17, 2012

yoga 004

The dilemma … I struggle with them daily.

There are those who don’t want to talk about it. Many are torn, words can’t even form, tears are constant. I have read so much now…. some are numb. I have no answers.  Be a part of the solution not add to the problems.  Maybe if we ignore it, it will seem like it never happened.  There is evil in the world.  What good of any can come from this?  We need stricter laws.  More locks on the doors.  Be suspicious of everyone. Sometimes there are no good answers.  Love one another.  Be kind.  Think before you act.  Just do it! Why?

yoga 005

And… life does go on… differently than before.

In my corner of the world I can try even harder to SHINE brightly.  I believe and trust, and hope… to never get tired of doing little things for others.  Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts ♥

Some of my Friends are big Flakes

December 14, 2012

snowman 002Do I dare admit that some of my favorite men are SNOW men!?!?!  I love them!  I have a big collection!  I would collect more, I guess… if I were into collecting more things to dust! Ha Ha I have a very select few out this season… and it’s really okay!

Although I love this picture of my furry big boy Cooper (he turned 7 this year)… I could really do without the snow! Actually, this is a picture from one of our late snowfalls of last season, I think it was March 2012.  I built the snowman, just because I could!  No better reason than that!!

decemberphone 011Creative Greeting cards with doodles of snowmen are even MORE fun, if that is even possible!!!!  Look here, two punched out circles, a perfectly placed snowflake accent, carrot for the nose a few sticks for arms… and something simply adorkable turns out!!! Snowman cards are one of my favorite to make!!  Instagram additions or apps make this card artsy!! I like that too!snowman 001I could just squeal with delight! Look at this amazing sock snowman!  I was scrolling through Pinterest and I saw my next project (above) from a cute blog Then She Made. Isn’t he adorable?? And no wet slushy stuff involved.  Just two old socks, some rice for his innards, twine and buttons, all stuff I had in my stash.  Heated up my glue gun and in about 15 minutes I created this dapper man!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… somewhere else!

All Tied Up

December 11, 2012

wreathDo you ever look at something and say “I can make that?”  I do all the time!

I love to learn new things and I also like to look at crafty things and figure them out.  That’s why I love the site Pinterest so much.  I read somewhere (on the internet probably, because you do know that EVERYTHING on the internet is true!) that some are likening Pinterest to men’s Fantasy Football.

All the glorious pictures from food to fashion, from crafts to creative decorating inspirations, life quotes and fun family activities…ideas gallore.  Sometimes, gracious un-suspecting bloggers are linked behind all the pictures and they even tell you the materials and how to create these fantastic ‘must haves’.

20 Gifts you can make from finds at the dollar store                     100 cookie recipes for cookie exchanges                                               5 kopy cat makeup tips you can find at the drug store

One stop shopping, it’s terrific!!! The best thing I’ve seen recently is ‘friends’ of Pinterest who post their failures.  They take the actual picture of let’s say a luscious looking gourmet cupcake, it is beautiful and gorgeous and so tempting… and below it is a picture of the novus’ attempt to re-create the splendor in an EPIC “FAIL”!!! Drooping frosting, mashed cake that fell out of it’s paper wrap…. disaster with such good intentions!!!

We can’t always succeed at everything.  But the worst thing is to never try.  Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.  Mistakes are proof you’re trying.  All great quotes I found on the site.  It’s like ‘how to’  about anything….right at your finger tips.

Just tying a simple treat up with a bow gives the impression that it truly is a special gift.  There are hundreds of ways to  make bows, with ribbon, fiber, string, raffia, ripped t-shirts, left over magazine pages…. just ask me, I’d love to share some ideas with you.  These too will surely Brighten Someone’s Day!!!

Merry Chris-mouse

December 10, 2012


I look outside my window to the world and I see a wonderful green lawn. It has been a weird year in the weather department, but isn’t every year… weird…. in a way?

We had a very mild winter last year. That made me happy! Not having to drive in the slushing wet stuff, minimal shoveling, less towel drying 8 paws. Not having to bundle up stiff to go walking in -minus degree windchills! However, it was most confusing for those of us who especially like to complain.

Then we had an unusually HOT, HOT, HOT summer for the mid-west… no rain for over 30+ days and temperatures in the high 90’s. Then the season’s changed and it got cooler and the rains came and the lawn got green again…. and now since it’s December, that means it Winter!

My grass is green, it’s deceiving out, tempuratures are in the low 30’s… yet, I know the snow will come, like it always does. Right now it’s disappointing to some who say it doesn’t FEEL like Christmas. Those people never lived down south….. they have Christmas every year, or most every year… and no snow! You get used to it! We did for 5 years when we lived in Tennessee. It’s all in your own spirit and mood and feeling of…

This cute little mouse in a comfy glove will surely ‘brighten someone’s day’ and let them know what is in your heart on the 25th day of December…. snow, or not!

The College Kid

December 9, 2012


Kyle 072

Since I am creating the “new” blog, I might as well include updates for any of you friends and family who wonder over here, since I directed you to do so in my annual Christmas Card.

Newsy letter or not? You can decide if/when you come here to visit. I’m saving a tree (is that true? or just a spin on a typical holiday comment) Or, am I keeping up with technology?

If you scrolled this far down, here today is our College boy. So proud! He is a sophome at the University of Chicago at Iowa…. ha ha! That is was some here in northern Illinois are calling it. There are so many students attending Univ. of Iowa from the Chicago burbs, it has it’s own, really funny name. Sad but true!

It was bitter sweet again to send him off to college last August, we took a Budget Rental truck to move ‘stuff’ to his off campus apartment. As far as we can tell, and the stories we have heard, he is pretty happy. Right now he is focusing on Business/Economics studies. All we can do is hope and pray that the US changes a bit in the next couple of years and there is a place for him to work… pay taxes and pay off his college debt!!!

Believe in the Magic

December 7, 2012

art 011

Here is my most recent collage picture from my heART Journal.  You might have to squint your eyes, it’s kind of a funky picture of a Christmas tree with ornaments …. taken with my phone and then special effects added with an Instagram app… I feel like I’m talking a foreign language.  My doodle art stepped  up to the next level.

Well this new blog starts me on a new week of NEW beginnings… I hope to really BE-lieve in the magic.  I quit my job on Monday.  The reasons why are too detailed, but it was just a place that was turning out to be somewhere that I didn’t like to be.

I’ll take a little time off… to play with my heART ♥… because this is a place I really like to be.  You’ll just have to stay tuned now, because who knows what NEW things are up my sleeves.

I truly believe as well, that all these words… BRAVE, sparkle,SH!Ne… are all things I can do… since I want to Brighten Someone’s Day!!!

Lazy Deer

December 6, 2012

Lazy Deer

Cardmaking during holidays is so much fun!!! There are so many ways to go during Christmas time, the season of winter, snowmen, snowflakes… the list goes on. This card has a little bit of everything. What is even better are all the fun ideas from blogs, to holiday catalogs, to instagram pics.

Well, it’s December 5th and the cold weather is upon us once again! We had some balmy temperatures hit the beginning of the week… O’hare recorded a high of almost 70 degrees. Not that I believe in Global Warming… I do believe that we have more technology to record the flux of temperatures. There are more factors that impact where populations grow and multiply. The world is evolving and ever changing…I won’t be surprised if we get blizzards of snow falls, or we hardly have any flurries… that is one job I would not want, predictions.

Give me something crafty and I’m all warm about it! Thanks for stopping in! Remember to Brighten Someone’s Day…. creative greetings by prdesigns is one good way to do just that!!!