Okay, I admit it, I’m a little emotional… no!

… I am a lot emotional! *more on that to come*

So, when I saw a post on Facebook this morning from a momfriend who lives in an entire different part of the country, and she was talking about her little one year old who looked out the front door and for the first time noticed a Christmas bell decoration, and said “Wow”…. I couldn’t help but tear up from all my own old memories of my little ones… and instantly I thought of a card, this card!  A definite prdesigns original!!

It’s amazing that all it takes to see the ‘sparkle’ is one word seen through the eyes of a child, who only says, “wow”.

This puts… life, Christ, Christmas, being kind, compassion, love, friendship… you name anything good, great and awesome into a great perspective… new eyes… and just say out loud…. wow!

A big fan of WOW!  Peggy



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