Lazy Deer

Lazy Deer

Cardmaking during holidays is so much fun!!! There are so many ways to go during Christmas time, the season of winter, snowmen, snowflakes… the list goes on. This card has a little bit of everything. What is even better are all the fun ideas from blogs, to holiday catalogs, to instagram pics.

Well, it’s December 5th and the cold weather is upon us once again! We had some balmy temperatures hit the beginning of the week… O’hare recorded a high of almost 70 degrees. Not that I believe in Global Warming… I do believe that we have more technology to record the flux of temperatures. There are more factors that impact where populations grow and multiply. The world is evolving and ever changing…I won’t be surprised if we get blizzards of snow falls, or we hardly have any flurries… that is one job I would not want, predictions.

Give me something crafty and I’m all warm about it! Thanks for stopping in! Remember to Brighten Someone’s Day…. creative greetings by prdesigns is one good way to do just that!!!



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