Believe in the Magic

art 011

Here is my most recent collage picture from my heART Journal.  You might have to squint your eyes, it’s kind of a funky picture of a Christmas tree with ornaments …. taken with my phone and then special effects added with an Instagram app… I feel like I’m talking a foreign language.  My doodle art stepped  up to the next level.

Well this new blog starts me on a new week of NEW beginnings… I hope to really BE-lieve in the magic.  I quit my job on Monday.  The reasons why are too detailed, but it was just a place that was turning out to be somewhere that I didn’t like to be.

I’ll take a little time off… to play with my heART ♥… because this is a place I really like to be.  You’ll just have to stay tuned now, because who knows what NEW things are up my sleeves.

I truly believe as well, that all these words… BRAVE, sparkle,SH!Ne… are all things I can do… since I want to Brighten Someone’s Day!!!



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