The College Kid


Kyle 072

Since I am creating the “new” blog, I might as well include updates for any of you friends and family who wonder over here, since I directed you to do so in my annual Christmas Card.

Newsy letter or not? You can decide if/when you come here to visit. I’m saving a tree (is that true? or just a spin on a typical holiday comment) Or, am I keeping up with technology?

If you scrolled this far down, here today is our College boy. So proud! He is a sophome at the University of Chicago at Iowa…. ha ha! That is was some here in northern Illinois are calling it. There are so many students attending Univ. of Iowa from the Chicago burbs, it has it’s own, really funny name. Sad but true!

It was bitter sweet again to send him off to college last August, we took a Budget Rental truck to move ‘stuff’ to his off campus apartment. As far as we can tell, and the stories we have heard, he is pretty happy. Right now he is focusing on Business/Economics studies. All we can do is hope and pray that the US changes a bit in the next couple of years and there is a place for him to work… pay taxes and pay off his college debt!!!



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