Merry Chris-mouse


I look outside my window to the world and I see a wonderful green lawn. It has been a weird year in the weather department, but isn’t every year… weird…. in a way?

We had a very mild winter last year. That made me happy! Not having to drive in the slushing wet stuff, minimal shoveling, less towel drying 8 paws. Not having to bundle up stiff to go walking in -minus degree windchills! However, it was most confusing for those of us who especially like to complain.

Then we had an unusually HOT, HOT, HOT summer for the mid-west… no rain for over 30+ days and temperatures in the high 90’s. Then the season’s changed and it got cooler and the rains came and the lawn got green again…. and now since it’s December, that means it Winter!

My grass is green, it’s deceiving out, tempuratures are in the low 30’s… yet, I know the snow will come, like it always does. Right now it’s disappointing to some who say it doesn’t FEEL like Christmas. Those people never lived down south….. they have Christmas every year, or most every year… and no snow! You get used to it! We did for 5 years when we lived in Tennessee. It’s all in your own spirit and mood and feeling of…

This cute little mouse in a comfy glove will surely ‘brighten someone’s day’ and let them know what is in your heart on the 25th day of December…. snow, or not!



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