All Tied Up

wreathDo you ever look at something and say “I can make that?”  I do all the time!

I love to learn new things and I also like to look at crafty things and figure them out.  That’s why I love the site Pinterest so much.  I read somewhere (on the internet probably, because you do know that EVERYTHING on the internet is true!) that some are likening Pinterest to men’s Fantasy Football.

All the glorious pictures from food to fashion, from crafts to creative decorating inspirations, life quotes and fun family activities…ideas gallore.  Sometimes, gracious un-suspecting bloggers are linked behind all the pictures and they even tell you the materials and how to create these fantastic ‘must haves’.

20 Gifts you can make from finds at the dollar store                     100 cookie recipes for cookie exchanges                                               5 kopy cat makeup tips you can find at the drug store

One stop shopping, it’s terrific!!! The best thing I’ve seen recently is ‘friends’ of Pinterest who post their failures.  They take the actual picture of let’s say a luscious looking gourmet cupcake, it is beautiful and gorgeous and so tempting… and below it is a picture of the novus’ attempt to re-create the splendor in an EPIC “FAIL”!!! Drooping frosting, mashed cake that fell out of it’s paper wrap…. disaster with such good intentions!!!

We can’t always succeed at everything.  But the worst thing is to never try.  Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.  Mistakes are proof you’re trying.  All great quotes I found on the site.  It’s like ‘how to’  about anything….right at your finger tips.

Just tying a simple treat up with a bow gives the impression that it truly is a special gift.  There are hundreds of ways to  make bows, with ribbon, fiber, string, raffia, ripped t-shirts, left over magazine pages…. just ask me, I’d love to share some ideas with you.  These too will surely Brighten Someone’s Day!!!



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