Some of my Friends are big Flakes

snowman 002Do I dare admit that some of my favorite men are SNOW men!?!?!  I love them!  I have a big collection!  I would collect more, I guess… if I were into collecting more things to dust! Ha Ha I have a very select few out this season… and it’s really okay!

Although I love this picture of my furry big boy Cooper (he turned 7 this year)… I could really do without the snow! Actually, this is a picture from one of our late snowfalls of last season, I think it was March 2012.  I built the snowman, just because I could!  No better reason than that!!

decemberphone 011Creative Greeting cards with doodles of snowmen are even MORE fun, if that is even possible!!!!  Look here, two punched out circles, a perfectly placed snowflake accent, carrot for the nose a few sticks for arms… and something simply adorkable turns out!!! Snowman cards are one of my favorite to make!!  Instagram additions or apps make this card artsy!! I like that too!snowman 001I could just squeal with delight! Look at this amazing sock snowman!  I was scrolling through Pinterest and I saw my next project (above) from a cute blog Then She Made. Isn’t he adorable?? And no wet slushy stuff involved.  Just two old socks, some rice for his innards, twine and buttons, all stuff I had in my stash.  Heated up my glue gun and in about 15 minutes I created this dapper man!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… somewhere else!


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