Life’s Simple Pleasures 2013

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So…. a whole new year is starting in a little over 12 hours.  And I plan on living LIFE’S simple pleasures!!!  Care to join me???

girls 007 I’m very excited to share here on my blog a whole multitude of ways to enjoy the journey in 2013.  LIFE doesn’t have to be complicated.  There are simple pleasures to experience in so many different ways!!!

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Here we are in week one of a year-long exploration of me and my LIFE’s journey to seek simple pleasures… the trick is to enjoy life!

I am actually taking two on-line courses and have a few resources up my sleeve to act as my muse. I hope to not run out of ideas for the next 365 days, and beyond!

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One of life’s simple pleasures is a favorite beverage!  It could be a special cold drink on a hot, hot day!  A warm brew that ‘lightens’ your senses.  A fun drinking mug that helps you appreciate even with your finger tips, or fruity glass that reminds you of a tropical island!!!  I have a lot of favorite drinks…. I could never go to the same place and have ‘the usual’!!  I like to try different things…all the time.

One of LIFE’S simple pleasures is enjoying a favorite beverage!!!

And there are so many ways to do that…. with friends in your home, in a cool hand crafted mug, by the fire with your feet up, in a quiet cafe on a busy corner (just people watching) , slurping up water in a bubbler, when you are thirsty!

Tell me what your favorite beverage is!  I hope it quenches your thirst!!!!  Come back and visit me again!!!! Happy New Year!!!


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