Week #2… I’m not going to take it anymore!

muse 003

Oh don’t worry, I haven’t given up…. yet!  I’m only in Week #2 of LIFE’s simple pleasures.  I’m just telling you that today, January 7 is national “I’m not going to take it anymore day”.  hilarious!

There are calendars all over the internet filled with bizarre, crazy, silly, and unknown holidays and observances.  But actually…. I find these types of days quite fun!!!!!

life 003

Today I thought I would also share with you one of my 2013 journals.  I’m not sure how many I will have, or even how I will keep them all straight… but for right now, this 25c notebook I picked up at Target in the ‘back to school’ section is being filled with pages of quotes, ideas and journalistic prompts. LIFE 2013

I figured since I was combining Do52, LifeBook 2013, JumpStart your Art, Year of LIFE’s simple pleasures…. I should have a beautiful notebook that makes me smile when I see it!! And it helps me to pick it out from my ‘stash’.

life 004

Over the holidays I used a little of the $$ I received from Creative Greetings (you all do know that I make specialty greeting cards, right???? I’d love to create a card for those extra ordinary people in your life!!!)  and invested back into my faux company… I bought some fun patterned paper!!!!

Paper is a weakness for a paper crafter…. one of my many! I found a beautiful layout that I thought would ‘lighten’ and brighten my idea book.  I decided to ‘type’ out the words and print them off the computer  since I didn’t have any stickers or didn’t want to doodle sentiment.

Come join me again … and see what simple pleasures I find this week!!!

I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions!

Brighten someone’s Day!!! – Peggy



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