My favorite man is a SNOWman

snowmen 008

I categorize snowmen as part of the SNOWFLAKE family… so it’s okay to add a post about them to coincide with this week’s simple pleasure.

snowmen 009

Of course, snow in moderation (1″ here and there) please…. snowflakes bunched into huge snowballs to make the snowmen…. could be a simple pleasure, because they are often built as a family project in celebration of winter! Most anything done with the family falls into the ‘simple pleasures’ category…. when it’s all about making memories.

snowmen 010

Did you know the world’s largest SNOWMAN (well they made it into a snow WOMAN) was 122′ 1″ tall and was created in Bethel Maine in 2008?  That is a ton of SNOWFLAKES!!!

Unfortunately, melting is a common end-of-life scenario for most snowmen.

Brighten Someone’s Day – send them a creative greeting…. unique as any SNOWFLAKE!!!!!  – Peggy



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