Just my ‘type’ with a TWIST


What inspires me?  Most of the time it’s what I see!!!

As part of DO52, a group that is working with the House of Shine, participants are challenged each week to invite a new verb into our vocabulary, and use it for inspiration!  And because my nature in personality is a TYPE 4 *…. I can’t seem to do some things just one way… I need to incorporate EVERYTHING in my LIFE, that day!!!

So, not only do you get to come along with me on my LIFE’S simple pleasures journey, you also get a view of what art I create in my LIFE book 2013, and you also get to see how I consciously use the requirements to be, do and share in this DO52 project as well.

My verb this week: type, to write something with a typewriter.

How perfect and simple to incorporate this into a creative greeting and all the artwork is done for me with a great stamp from SU!


But there is a twist:  this week I needed a birthday card…. not a special friend card…. so, using another stamp in the set, I was able to switch out the sentiment…. just like changing the paper in a real typewriter, I was able to create the special card I needed!


And because I’m crafty, I was able to whip up a special fuzzy infinity scarf gift to go along with the card!!! I only know one knitting stitch and I seem to get by.  But don’t tell anyone that I really don’t know what I’m doing!!!!!  This all makes for a birthday gift for a special friend MK♥!

*another post I will talk about my Type 4 nature… I can’t change who I am, but I can work on being the best I can be!

Live with ART, it’s good for you!!!! – Peggy


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