It’s Week #3 of the new year and I have a fun LIFE’S simple pleasure that I will reveal.

Socks (especially FUZZY socks for that extra warm feeling of snuggling under a blanket in front of a roaring fire with a mug of hot chocolate… oooh, you get the idea here!) when the temperature outside reads 11 degrees. Fuzzy socks are truly one of LIFE’S simple pleasures.

Socks made from microfiber material helps keep you extra warm and they provide you with comfort & softness.snowman 001

Here is a good segway….Although I may have already highlighted a simple pleasure, it is perfectly fine to re-visit it.

LIFE’S simple pleasures can be happening all the time, every day, you just have to see it, and take note!

It is possible to re-use socks and make them even more fun when you create a handsome sock snowman!

Fuzzy socks will help make this journey into 2013 a bit more comfy.

This day is a journey, this very moment is an adventure. Rebecca Pavlenko

Brighten Someone’s Day – Peggy



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