Fuzzy + Socks

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A simple pleasure could warm your heart or warm your feet! (Sometimes we call Tucker FUZ-zy bear)

Week #3 into the new year – have you thought of any LIFE’S simple pleasures?  It could (no, it SHOULD) be things that don’t cost a lot, something that brings a smile to your face instantly, a happy memory that SHINES through or something you just happen to stumble upon.

A familiar smell when you walk into a room or a song on your iPod (I was going to say radio, but that is so old-fashioned, hee hee) could trigger a simple pleasure.  Passing a billboard on the road or channel surfing on your tv could make you think… hmmmm, I remember that I really like that!!!

My journey through 2013 is to look, I mean really look for LIFE’S simple pleasures.  They are all around you and me, they are not that hard to find.  Wont you join me?  Leave a comment if you have thought MORE about simple things that make you happy!  Or just come back and visit me again tomorrow or next week.  Tell your friends to stop in.  Just link them up to my blog!

Each new day is another chance to change your life.

Brighten Someone’s Day!! – Peggy


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