A New Passion

For LIFE’S simple pleasures 2013, I have found  that I have a true ‘passion’ for many things.  And as I discover these things why not share what I learn?


Pinterest is a good source to discover… anything!!!

Although I am a fan of Starbucks (I only go there for a treat or when I have a gift card) I am in awe of their marketing and business strategy.  I am amazed how many people will pay $4 or more for a cup of specialty coffee/tea/lemonade.  Don’t get me wrong, I do buy Starbucks ground coffee and I enjoy it immensely when I make my own Iced Coffee… but for $8 a bag, I get at least 14 cups of java… thus in my mind saving myself almost $100 a month brewing my ‘own’! (Fuzzy math!)

Stay with me here, I love the variety of drinks they offer!  But when I discovered ordinary people played around with ‘copy cat’ recipes and duplicated the drinks, I was hooked… at less than half the price!


My ingredients for Passion Tea Lemonade:

Tazo Passion Tea, Crystal Light Lemonade, Water

A few months ago on Pinterest someone added fun pictures and the recipe for a new Starbucks drink Passion Tea Lemonade.    I played along and bought the ingredients on my next shopping trip.  I found the one thing that makes Starbucks drinks ‘oh so tasty’ is the amount of sugar they add to everything.  I cut back slightly and feel my ‘copy cat’ recipes for Iced Coffee and now, Passion Tea Lemonade match these specialty iced drinks.


I must admit however, what makes these drinks work for me, are the two official Starbucks insulated cups I have. That was a splurge 2 years ago at $14 dollars each… but at what cost to ‘trick’ the mind?

I boil 4 cups of water with only 3 tea bags (in other recipes I saw, they boiled the entire box… not the box literally, but all 20 tea bags!  I found this to be quite excessive.  And depending on how much tea flavor I want… anywhere between 3 and 6 bags works perfectly) In a 2 quart pitcher I dump 1 packet of Crystal Light Lemonade.  After I’ve steeped the tea, I squeeze the excess tea flavor out of the bags against my stirring spoon.  Poor the tea into the picture, add additional cold water to fill the picture to the top, and stir really well!

‘Their’ recipes were made with Simply Lemonade drink and simple syrup (sugar mixture). I thought it was too sweet for my taste.  And I like that Crystal Light ‘has fewer calories than the leading beverages’.

If I want to get the ‘foamy’ drink effect… I just get out my martini shaker, add ice, fill er up with the bright pink passion….. shake like crazy and then pour the drink into my Starbucks insulated cup!

Okay, so it’s like 12 degrees out and I’m sitting here with one of LIFE’S Simple Pleasures (beverages: Week#1) and drinking iced Passion Tea Lemonade… in my fuzzy socks… and I didn’t have to leave the house! Yay me!



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