Come on baby Light my Fire

Week #4  ~  LIFE’S simple pleasures, a Fire Place…. but I can be more specific (or even a little general) and then put a twist on it, to include a whimsical creative greeting and then go on a tangent to other relatable simple pleasures.

Fire pits on a camp ground, relaxing grill outs with company, gas stoves simmering soup, scented candles from Bath & Body Works, candle sticks at a romantic dinner, a torch keeping the home fires burning, birthday candles that can set the place on FIRE!!

fire 004

On my walk this morning, I got to enjoy a few of LIFE’S simple pleasures….the smell of wood burning in a fire-place… sweet smell of good wood (not the crap that some people feel they can pollute the air with when then are above the law and burn leaves and other crap… sorry, had to vent there) and on top of that I was walking in more than an inch of snow…. it has been over 335 days since our area has measurable snow (it must be global warming) and I was with my fur babies who are so curious every time we go for a walk….

You always have a bit of hope inside of you during a fire drill, that your school is actually on fire…. unknown

Now, go Brighten Someone’s Day… but don’t set them on fire!!!!



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