That’s My Story

…and I’m sticking to it!books 006

Week #5 ~ LIFE’S simple pleasures…. books.

Thank you to my friends who responded to my request and sent me a list of some of your LIFE’S simple pleasures… many of them listed reading a good book on a lazy day.

A good book can be read anywhere, in front of a fire (see Week#4), on a beach, in a doctor’s waiting room…Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them ~ Lemony Snicket

When I explore a LIFE’S simple pleasures, be assured that I am putting my creative ♥heart and soul into my post!books 005

I will incorporate my own photos (how fun it is to have a camera by my side at all times…. forget the phone part!)  Hoping to work on not only photo composition, but also the tools/apps  from instagram/photoshop to become a better photo journalist :0)

The pictures in today’s post are just a few samples of the different ‘libraries’ througout our home… I think you are able to click the picture to enlarge them… see if you can find a theme or pattern, or which family member the bookshelf belongs to!

Maybe with my research, you will find a fun factoid or bit of trivia that you will be able to amaze your friends with during a lull in the conversation!

books 007

And then at some point during the week-long exploration, I will put a twist on the simple pleasure, and make it into some sort of  creative greeting *  (* just a reminder, ***shameless plug**** I am a paper crafter whose mantra is to Brighten Someone’s Day…. I make greeting cards because I think it’s important to recognize extraORDINARY people and special events in our LIFE!)

BOOKFESSIONS: People who say they don’t have time to read simply don’t want to ~ Julie Rugg.

Read any good books lately?? ~ Peggy



One Response to “That’s My Story”

  1. chaotickristi Says:

    the Shack by Wm Paul young

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