A Gift you can open again, and again…

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit ~ C.S. Lewis

game 006

I recently heard that actors, tv/sports personalities, authors and motivational speakers love the fact that they can connect with their fans through all the different methods of social media. (Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc…) I suppose it is true in their line of business, the more you give of yourself, the more they will buy!

I can tell you that Carol the sassy gal in the picture above has 5 grown children, she works out of Draper Utah, she loves competitive sports and she was raised in California… and there is more… but I have never met Carol in person…but I have followed her on her blog, appropriately called The Carol Blog. She is the author of this book and many other self-help books.

game 005

I don’t suppose you can see the author’s name quite clearly on the book above, but it was written by Ben Behunin.  He has authored a trilogy of books about the Wise and joyful potter of Niederbipp.

Things aren’t always as they seem.

He himself is a potter, pretending to be a writer.  He printed 1500 of these books hoping that at his next Pottery Showing he would sell them all, but only sold I believe 55.  In the prelude of his 3rd book he states that  he was ‘diagnosed with arthritis in my hands.  That’s bad for anybody, but for me, a potter, it was humbling and often overwhelming.  In hindsight, my trial was a blessing. It encouraged the changes that have led me to this point in my life.” He and his family live in Salt Lake City Utah. He too has a blog and a Facebook page…www.rememberingisaac.blogspot.com


I’m so excited that I was able to incorporate LIFE’S simple pleasures in my creative journal this week.  Our task was to design a board game (hopefully not a bored game) and I thought it was pefect to title my masterpiece the Game of LIFE. Along the way on this little girl’s adventure I want to stop on …today is important… see the good stuff… life is a gift…breathe in the goodness… play, dream… giggle!

So what?  you say in the scheme of LIFE’S library filled with 10s of thousands of great books. Insert here —-> dagnabbit…. I wrote something really prolific and my blog went into routine maintenance and I LOST it…. now I have to recapture my writing prose!  Why did I choose these two books?  Because my friend BE ♥ actually knows these two intriguing authors… she believed in what they do and figured out that she has friends who can benefit from their good works.  She sent me their gifts.

I have learned life is never as you expect it will be, but if we will listen, it can be infinitely better. – Ben Behunin

LIFE’S simple pleasures —-> books

A book is a gift you can open again & again ~ Garrison Kellor



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