I Need a Hug

You are never too young or too old to adopt a teddyBear and to begin a lifelong companionship of love~ Ted Menten

morebears 005There has always been something about TeddyBears for me ♥.  Above is my second Bear signature for my greeting cards. I have been making cards for over 25 years… they sure have evolved…I used to be P-bear, then Huggy Pebmann (think about it!!! wait for it….Peggy Hubmann… Huggy Pebmann, just like Oprah and Harpo!)  and then just Huggy Inc… I signed the back of all my cards with this guy!

If you check out yesterday’s post,  {scroll down to the next post} you will see a cute picture of DuePur Bear… in my search to write the perfect post, I stumbled upon a little book titled, The World According to HUG His First Book by Ted Menten.  Inside the back cover is receipt… I gave Jeff the TeddyBear and this book 25 years ago when I went and surprised him at O’Hare airport on March 27, 1988.  My love for him and TeddyBears continue today!

Kindness begets kindness. Love begets love. Joy begets joy… this is the way of the TeddyBear.

morebears 006A TeddyBear’s heart beats inside the one who loves him… if that’s true then my daughter has a lot of love ♥ in her room… here are a few of her bear friends keeping watch over her room.bearcard

It is so easy to incorporate a creative greeting  twist to this week’s simple pleasure ~ Teddy Bears.  I often search them out when making a card, because like each stuffed one in the toy store, there is an equally cute one for a card, with just the right expression and sentiment!

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A TeddyBear does not come to life until he is loved… but once loved he will live forever ~ Ted Menton


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