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The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in ~ Morrie Schwartz


It’s Week #7 and time for one of LIFE’S simple pleasuresValentines.

There is so much more into figuring out these blog post than I originally thought, because I like to go off on tangents and some of these simple pleasures aren’t so simple… in that they really are much ‘bigger’ than just one post… or one word definitions.

What I mean… the idea of sending and receiving cute ‘Valentine Cards’…. is very simple!!!  But describe the meaning behind St. Valentine and how the whole ‘holiday’ has evolved…. not so simple!

valentine 003

For any youngster, how fun is it… the anticipation of going out to purchase your valentine cards…finguring which friend got what card, signing your name to all of them, then  making some sort of mailbox to receive all of your ♥ notes, the Valentine party where the BIG exchange would happen, the candy.. the treats..RED HOT!!!

You can always get a sense of what is popular the year of a particular sweet ♥ holiday… current tv shows or Pixar/Disney movies, games, celebrities, sports figures that are hot, hot, hot… the one above was popular during Finding Nemo’s popularity.

val3And I love ♥ it when someone takes the time and effort to create their own Valentine.  No store-bought loving going on here!  With Pinterest and other blog sites, there are tons of ideas out there … with a little time and effort any family can search for homemade Valentines and create their own special sweet heart cards.

book1Years ago when I was a room mom, one of the projects we made was a tiny booklet like the one above. The kids could glue their Valentine cards into it, color it and decorate it, (some cards come with stickers… perfect to put them in the booklet) and then have a keepsake to look through later.

Not everyone is as sentimental as I am with my creative soul!  I think it’s awesome to find things written by me when I was a grade schooler. Maybe one day, as my kids go through their memory boxes they’ll stop… look through it and say… “cool” before they toss it!  :0)

Q: What do you call a very small valentine?

A: A valentiny!


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