Hello Sunshine

You are my sunshine!


What a difference a few hours makes!

When I began this post earlier this morning, it was a bright and sunny day with blue skies and temperatures stretching unusually high into the upper 40s… now it’s overcast, but it brought me inspiration to Week #8 – LIFE’S simple pleasures ~ the sun!

I notice I feel different when the sun SHINES! More alive… if that is possible!  I’m sure too, in every season of the year … I will be able to post something about how the sun feels slightly different to me. (You have something  to look forward to…. spring sun 8.1, summer sun 8.2, fall sun 8.3)

It’s still the same big star at the center of the solar system…. but on a winter day when there has been gloomy days filled with cold and blustery conditions… a day full of sun shine and warmth is a true simple pleasure!

At times I try very hard to believe that… where you go no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine!  I need to keep my journal with me and look up my doodle pages that remind me that this is possible!

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine!


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