Good Day Sunshine!

Yeah we all SHINE on like the moon and the stars and the sun ~ John Lennon

sunn2I did a google search to find songs with SUN in the title, and it brought me to a blog that listed over 128 songs (and counting) .  I notice a number of songs were from the Beatles… what a powerful force the sun is!

Another day with the sun brightly shinning, but with a slight wind, I look at the thermometer on this winter day and it reads 12 degrees… I’m sure it’s a bit colder than that even with just such a slight windchill.  Forecast, another snow storm is to move in… so I will enjoy today’s sun!

Week #8 – LIFE’S simple pleasurethe sun!

The English language is always a strange thing when writing on any topic.  When I started thinking about this week and the word sun came to mind, I couldn’t help but think if I were to let my son SHINE!

changeofheart 019The mothers of little boys work from son up until son down!

The sun is 85% brighter than all of the other stars according to one astronomers statistic that I read. It in fact is a star, but it larger than all others because it is closer to Earth. It is also 109 times larger than the size of Earth. When we are looking at the sun it is actually how it looked 8.3 minutes ago because that’s how long it takes for that precise moment to reach us.

These are just a few ‘fun’ facts… some of the others were immensely technical and I can only just give kudos to scientist who study such a wonderful and massive ‘big thing’.  All I know for sure is that when the sun is shining it just makes my day even  better!!!

Look toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind!

LIFE’S simple pleasure – the SUNsun, sun, sun, here we come!


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