1,221 Recipes for Chocolate Chip Cookies

Don’t worry, I’m not going to post all those recipes here on my blog.  You can do a number of Google searches for your favorite cookie recipe, but today I will highlight one of our favorites, Nestle Toll House Cookies!

When I looked for the original recipe All Recipes  (our favorite and most reliable source for great recipes) listed 1,221… according to my research no cookbook could be large enough to list ALL the different kinds of cookie recipes.

bear 002

Week #9 ~ LIFE’S simple pleasurescookies

I wouldn’t, but I probably could write 1,221 posts about cookies… yeah… that might get boring pretty quick.  Every language has a name for their own thin, sweet,  either crisp or soft, usually small cake: England and Australia – biscuits, Spain – galletas, Italian – biscotti and German – Keks.

Cookies were ideal for traveling because of the size and they would stay fresh if packaged correctly.

In the  1930s  Ruth Graves Wakefield created a twist on her Butter Drop Do cookie recipe at the Toll House Restaurant near Boston.  She had to substitute her normal chocolate for chopped up bakers chocolate or semi-sweet chunks and added them to her mix, hoping they’d melt.  But they held their shape.  She eventually sold her rights to the recipe to Nestle  and the Toll House (copyright name) Cookie was invented.  It is one of the most popular cookies made today. She was one smart cookie!! :0)

A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands ~ Cookie Monster



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