You’re One Smart Cookie

If you are clever and good at dealing with difficult situations, you my friend are one Smart Cookie!!!!

snicker 001Week #9 – LIFE’S simple pleasurescookies
And of course I say this, everything in moderation!

I’ve done a little bit of baking in the first few months of  2013.  One friend who responded to my request of their simple pleasures commented on how fun it was baking with her children.  The great smells coming from the kitchen could be a terrific reminder of memories past and be a simple pleasure!  Another friend commented on baking her traditional holiday cookies for a cookie exchange.  Not only is the act of baking a simple pleasure, but the cookie itself could bring a great big smile to Cookie Monster’s face!

Yet I didn’t want to limit this simple pleasure… the process of baking other homemade yummy-ness could become a topic for another post…brownies, bread, cobblers, pies and even oven baked stuffed pasta!!!

Today, it’s the Snickerdoodle….is it simply a nonsense word when someone was naming the cooking in the US? … or does is really mean translated from German, snail noodle???  The main difference between this cookie and a regular sugar cookie is that it is rolled in cinnamon sugar.

oreo 003 copyAlthough this cute package all tied up with a bow are some of Oreo’s Spring cookies, I thought having a copy cat to a photo on Pinterest would be a fun twist to my post… since I would have done that to my other  cookies (chocolate chip, peanut butter and snickerdoodle)  if I had seen the picture earlier 🙂

Tips: (I have not tried these, but they sound do-able)
*Parchment baking paper makes the best cookies
*Flouring a greased cookie sheet will yield thicker cookies
*A round cookie with a bite in it looks like the letter C

Week #9 – LIFE’S simple pleasures cookies
Sometimes me think, what is friend?  and then me say, ‘friend is someone to share the last cookie with’, Cookie Monster…. gotta love his way of thinking!!



2 Responses to “You’re One Smart Cookie”

  1. K Hutchinson Says:

    YUMMY, cookies are the best! You are right simple pleasures in life are what makes the biggest impact on you. Today, the boys are off school and we planned some art and a movie…but now you have me in the mood to bake with them! Love your banner and your cookie photo rocks…I am starting three photography classes this month..YIkes one for iPhone 🙂 Happy Friday, my friend!

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