You’ve Got Mail

Voice over actor Elwood Edwards recorded the famous saying for AOL in 1989… a phrase everyone loved to hear!!


Week #10 – LIFE’S  simple pleasuresmail
A few friends who responded to my request for their  LIFE’S simple pleasures noted that receiving mail is something they truly enjoy!  It could be FuN MaiL (sent by me at creative greetings!!)  in the actual mail box outside their front door, or an email in their  computer inbox… a simple pleasure is to hear from a friend who is thinking about you!

mail2Now I know there could be those who grumble when they see this simple pleasure of mail, and think of the negative… bills, bills, and more bills… the simple art of sending a kind note has been lost in our busy lives, where taking the time to reminisce, share a pleasant thought or thank someone kindly, has taken a back seat to … convincing ourselves… my friend knows what I think of them, I don’t have time to take a moment!


I’m not an advocate of the USPS (United States Postal Service) but as a crafty greeting card artist, I can’t think of a time that’s not appropriate to send a heartfelt♥ wish through the mail.  We need more FuN MaiL in the world… and maybe I can Brighten Someone’s Day…. one card at a time!!!


A few years ago I made this collage page for a class I took on line … I just love it because for some reason I really thought outside the box (mail box for this page, ha ha) with these journal pages, and almost all of the artwork is truly mine!  I mean no CASe-ing or research… its fresh prdesign at it’s best! :0)

What I love the best about learning and creating with a twist this year for LIFE 2013 and taking my art to the next step… is believing it’s my time to share the message… that my purpose is right here and right now…. So, get out there and send a note (or creative greeting!!) to someone you’ve been thinking of… I guarantee  it’s a simple pleasure that will truly Brighten Someone’s Day!



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