Pushing the Envelope

Did you know that in the 1960s there was a movement to introduce Mail Art?  I have been a card maker for almost 30 years now, and I even used to have a faux line… Envelope Greetings… on the back of the empty sealed envelope I told friends ‘dont even attempt to open this’.

And now today, March 5, 2013 I learn there is a whole other art out there in creating wonderful envelope masterpieces!

letters 001

Some mail artists lavish more attention on the envelopes than the contents within.  Painted envelopes are one-of-a-kind artworks with the handwritten address becoming part of the work. Stitching, embossing and an array of drawing materials can all be found on postcards, envelopes and on the contents inside, where genuinely personalized stationery adds real character to the letters and notes that often accompany mail artworks.letters 003

 I doodle their names with black ink on the envelopes and then added swishes of water-color paint … Don’t get me wrong!  Today isn’t the first day I ever defaced an envelope… I just never really knew that there was a movement that made a stand about it!

For years I would add doodled flowers or a special swirly heart with curly cues.

I would hand print different type faces and use different pen colors ( OMG! fun bright colors other than black/blue).  I started adding special images from my rubber stamp collection.  I would write messages on the back of the envelope.  I even would write… ‘this letter has been licked by my dog’…. and my creative greeting would still be delivered to any destination I desired as long as I had the correct postage!

letters 002

Really, I’m still in shock… it’s not that I ever thought I was different from any other artist or greeting card maker … I just never realized that a movement was created for those artist who wanted to make a statement.

I am so excited that not only can I create FuN MaiL and special creative greetings for friends and family…. but I love the fact that I can unexpectedly inspire them when they receive these in the mail. It makes getting FuN MaiL even funner!!!

Week # 10 – LIFE’S simple pleasures – a good mail day!



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