Send some FuN MaiL today!

phoneNOV 051Being a creative greetings!! card maker, I realized that I myself really loved receiving something in the mail other than a bill or junk mail!

However, that said, being a card maker most of my family and friends really don’t want to send me mail because they think it’s not ‘good enough’….pshaw!!!  If something is sent from the heart ♥… isn’t it grand that God gave us all so many different talents!!!   I decided  that FuN MaiL really can brighten the outlook for someone’s day!

nov29 023You don’t have to write a lot of words in a greeting card or note card.  Sometimes it’s very hard to know the right words.  The internet can lead you to so many wonderful quotes and poems: google search… happiness quotes, spring quotes cheer up, you are special… there are so many endless options.  And if you don’t have access to the internet, write what comes from the heart… or a simple thinking of you and I hope you are having a great week…. will do!

tucky 007This large padded envelope is a little boring… don’t you think???

I have a lot of competition out there.  There are so many different ways to send and receive MAIL.  There is snail mail, hot mail, hate mail, fan mail, junk mail, e-mail, air mail, voice mail… you can be a pen pal or a pen friend, you can send letters, post cards, packages… and now I just found out… you can send Mail Art* (check out yesterday’s blog post by scrolling down, to find out about Mail Art)

mail2This is my return address label.  Promoting FuN MaiL wherever I go.  When someone has had a rough day, I think it would be simply fun to have something peeking out their stack of mail that is either a brightly colored envelope, a fun doodled master piece, or even a return label that tells them some FUN is to be had inside THIS envelope.

By no means am I an extremist in any form, a doodle here, a bit of colored marker, a sticker there…. but you gotta wonder what the post office employees think when they see stuff like this coming!  Does it put a smile on their face?  Or do they think, oh crap! Where do I put my priority mail sticker on this stupid box?

Week # 10 – LIFE’S simple pleasuresmail…. step it up a notch and make it some FuN MaiL!!!!  It will Brighten Someone’s Day!!



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