Good Mail Day

Sending mail at times can be very tricky!!

If it’s not flat, I highly recommend sending it in a padded envelope.  Then the prized vacation necklace that broke and was needing some ‘mom repair’ wont break the post office machine and send puca shells flying everywhere!

le 001The post office does have rules and regulations about the size and weight of what you can send in a ‘regular’ envelope… after you exceed their limits… the cost of postage increases beyond the normal persons comprehension! My heart sinks if by some chance I thought they wouldn’t notice that extra ounce, and I open my mail box and see this huge message on one of my pieces of FuN MaiL….’return to sender’…. postage due!

letters 003I’ve realized in my card making that sometimes you can push the envelope.   I’ve made them (envelopes) out of wall paper samples, heavy wrapping paper and magazine ads.  I’ve pressed on stickers and rubber stamp images and even doodled massive names and tiny addresses with colored markers.  My ideas and thoughts about sending little masterpieces of FuN MaiL all changed recently. There is even more I can do!

mail 004

Some “Good Mail”  came my way a few weeks ago! Much thanks to a friend who understands my mantra! Send FuN MaiL…. Brighten Someone’s Day!   I didn’t even know people would write a book about creating good mail.  But I guess if I can write numerous post to encourage people to send FuN MaiL, someone can design a book at the next level and show me how to really create some eye-popping postal art.

mail 002leftovers001le 001

There is nothing wrong with just sending a correspondence in a lovely white envelope or plain box!  But there is something extraordinary about going the extra mile and creating some FuN MaiL or making it so someone has a Good Mail Day. We are only limited by our imagination (well and time… and of course the postal costs!!!)

However, there are a ‘few’ mailing rules that the post office has, but beyond that, sending and receiving FuN MaiL is  really one of LIFE’S simple pleasures… the thought and time behind it all, could really Brighten Someone’s Day, don’t you think?

PS – I just want you to feel a tiny bit sorry for me.  My original blog post was more amusing when I first started… but for some reason when I went to publish it, I had lost more than 3/4 of it.  Almost an hour of writing time… gone…. where did it go!  So, I apologize as I tried to re-write and recapture my original witty self! :0)




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