Yellow Envelope Project

Sometimes, the easy things are very hard to explain.envelopes_edited-1

This week I posted about my reasoning behind sending FuN MaiL. If you haven’t read my posts, just scroll down a bit to see what I’m soap boxing about!   There is something good in every day to send some FuN MaiL.  An easy way to Brighten Someone’s Day is to send a note that you are thinking of them.

Week #10 – LIFE’S simple pleasuresmail … is good for both the sender and the recipient!

But now I need to step it up a notch and tell you more about the Yellow Envelope Project.

nov29 023The Yellow Envelope Project is House of Shine’s initiative to recognize ordinary people who shine, and reward them for their out-of-the-ordinary efforts. In a world where negative news dominates newspapers … it’s a simple way to make someone else feel good!

phoneNOV 051

For a few years now I have contributed to sending anonymous greeting cards in decorated YELLOW envelopes to unsuspecting people all over the United States.  We have recognized people who selflessly go out of their way to help others and let them know that we recognize their attempts to SHINE and make their corner of the world a brighter place for others they come in contact with.

shine2I am fortunate enough to be able to create a FUN creative greetings!! that I seal up in my anonymous envelope.   I scribble out my signature on the back, or eliminate it all together.  Although I wish I was making a bigger business for myself sending my cards off to Texas, Georgia, Alabama, New York etc… it’s more about the heartfelt thanks I send to the worthy recipient!

mail3Can you imagine this person opening their mailbox and flooding out are 2,3, 7 or more YELLOW envelopes  (or white envelopes doodled with yellow markers, stickers and other fun stuff) addressed to them, and inside are notes of encouragement, recognition, validation and thanks for just being them?

In some ways I hope the recipients don’t think we’re stalkers, because often the person who nominated them tells us a bit of what this wonderful person did and how they SHINE!

My reason for posting about this topic is my hope that I sparked some further interest for you about the Yellow Envelope Project. Although it is a very easy and simple thing to do, it is somewhat a little involved for a full explanation.

You can click on any of the links I posted here and it will take you directly to some great places! It’s possible you know someone who should be nominated to be a recipient of some positive mail, you may want to forward my post to a friend who enjoys doing Random Acts of Kindness, or maybe when you check out the House of Shine you want to be that someone who helps Brighten Someone’s Day!

Weeks #10 – LIFE’S simple pleasuresmail…. and more important the YELLOW Envelope Project.


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