No Soup For You

Hello there!  If it’s your first time, welcome to my blog!  If you are a returning friend or family member, please excuse my mess of colors and ever-changing headers and blog layouts.

Once again, I’m trying to find the ‘perfect’ way to combine and highlight LIFE’S simple pleasures and my unique and whimsical paper craft hobby, and I’m trying to do this while I’m in the middle of an online Bloom your Blog class by Jessica Sprague…. so honestly my ideas and designs are all a bit jumbled.

heart 005

It’s Week #12 of 2013 and I didn’t think about this topic for this time of the year, but since the calendar reads that it is still winter and the temperature reading 17 degrees with a windchill hovering at 0 degrees… I think it’s okay to talk about something that can warm the body! (Last year at this time it was spring break for the college boy and it was an unusually warm week with temperatures in the mid-west hovering at 80 weird and wonderful degrees!!!!)

Week # 12LIFE’S simple pleasures ~ comfort foods

Nothing is better than a bowl of Campbell’s’ tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, with of course a dill pickle and a nice cold glass of milk!  Take it up a notch and to the soup add some fresh basil and a bit of fresh garlic, oyster crackers and pour it in a fun huge mug… and for the sandwich add Franks Red Hot sauce and make a Buffalo Chicken grilled Panini 3 cheese sandwich. Instead of a pickle add a juicy pepperoncini and a tall glass of Passion Tea Lemonade full of ice.  Yummy!!!  This is not your ‘mother’s’ tomato soup and grilled cheese!!!!!  Comfort foods Ten point Oh(my)!!!

See you soon in my next post…. don’t be too surprised if you see some new features…. like I said, I’m temporarily under construction!!! :0)



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