My Dog Licked this Post

Good dogs are with us for a little while to teach us how to love like it’s our job… because it is!

I’m doing a ‘blogover’… another new word I learned… just like ‘bookfessions’ (confessions of a book addict) from Week #5. 

A ‘blogover‘ is like a makeover for your blog, and since I’m in the middle of a on-line class “Bloom Your Blog” with Jessica Sprague, every day I’m learning something new through Photo Shop and my WordPress blog site…so don’t be surprised when you come back tomorrow and this page looks different once again!

tuckerWeek #13 – LIFE’S simple pleasuresa furry family member.

Not everyone is a dog, cat, gerbil, hedgehog, guinea pig, lizard lover.  I admit that daily care and up keep of two dogs can be tiresome at times, Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole!

Tucker is a Pomeranian, a Pom or a Pom Pom (or Kujo).  As far as we know he is a pure bred dog, but there are no papers or family history on him since he is a rescue/shelter dog.  His breed is considered the Spitz type and is from Northern Poland/Eastern Germany and named from the area.  He is considered a toy dog, so that means bred smaller and is very friendly and lively.  They bond very quickly with their owners and are very protective.  Our Tucker is very bossy too!!!  Every day I just look at him, and 4 years later he melts my heart with such adorable expressions!


Here’s Cooper again!  I love these dog poses from the nose angle… there are bunches of these all over the internet. Cooper is a mongrel, a mutt, a mixed breed dog.  Mongrel sounds really derogatory…. better…. he’s a Heintz 57 or better yet a Bitzer…. bits o’ this, bits o’ that!!!  Often with a mixed breed dog you will identify him with the breed they most resemble, in this case, a Labrador Retriever.

My dogs have been a great source of inspiration.  I created my own doodle of each of them and now try to put them in different surroundings to create fun cards with sassy sentiments!  I’ve doodled other friends dogs and created faux card lines exclusively for them.  I’ll show you a few of those in my up-coming posts, so stay tuned and come back and visit my creative twist of LIFE’S simple pleasures!!!

Some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the hydrant!

Week # 13 – LIFE’S simple pleasures family pet

The average dog is a nicer person than the average person – Andy Rooney


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