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If you are wondering

April 19, 2013

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Aint No Spring Chicken

April 5, 2013

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We are at Week #14 of 2013 and my blog posts this week are about one of LIFE’S simple pleasures ~ Spring.


I loved one of the quotes I found the other day by Henry Van Dyke, there is a difference between the first day of spring and the first spring day!!  It’s a matter of how you put a spin on things, in all walks of LIFE don’t you think???

In the mid-west we could say that a day with sunshine and blue skies with temperatures in the high 40s is a perfect Spring day!  Especially coming off a winter with 8″ snowfalls and wind chills of below zero.  On  gorgeous day like today, someone in the southwest might think our spring weather is their winter and be freezing their tootsies off in their leather cowboy boots!


The Spring equinox which started on March 20, 2013 at 7:02 am is the beginning of nature’s renewal. It’s really simple to enjoy spring when you take a moment out of you busy day and stop to really listen to the new sounds and observe animal behaviors and the way that the plants grow.

I may no longer be a ‘spring chicken’ but I truly realized this year and writing this blog … that LIFE is simple when you live SIMPLY.  Being in Week #14 of this year has been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.


Thank you for letting me share my he♥art.  Creating whimsical paper crafts with a twist of LIFE has been such a blast for me. My creative greetings are for sale by the way.  You wont find anything like them at the Hallmark store, and my prices are quite reasonable. Just think a bit in advance *wink* have any extra ordinary people in your life that are celebrating special events?  Help a small business grow!!!! :0)


A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots SPRING up and make new trees ~ Amelia Earhart


PS ~ I’m still in ‘blogover’ mode, so when you come back and visit me…. things may look a little different… just like me, a little quirky and odd, but loyal to the end!


Now go out there and BRIGHTEN SOMEONE’S DAY!

Please Pay Attention!

April 3, 2013

I am going to try to pay attention to the spring. I am going to look around  at all the flowers, and look up at the hectic trees. I am going to close my eyes  and listen. ~ Anne Lamott

I think this quote sums up a lot of what I’m trying to do here, this year on my blog… Year of LIFE’S Simple pleasures.  I want to pay attention! The hard part is going to be having patients for those around me who didn’t get the memo! (Pay attention while driving, use your turn signals… don’t text… for those who stop in the middle of an aisle and don’t realize people are behind them…. pet peeve list)

Bright flowers popping up are always a sure sign of Spring!

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another.  The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month. ~ Henry Van Dyke

This is a great quote and so true!!  If you are reading this post today, April 3rd.. look to the right column of my blog (this is a copy of my blogger blog here: ) you will see a recently posted picture on Instagram of the bright blue sky in our neck of the woods.  It really looks like spring out… but the thermometer reads differently… 21 degrees, it’s still pretty chilly 10 days into 2013 Spring.  For the mid-west the weathermen say we are about 15 degrees below ‘normal’ for this time of year.

Gnome sweet Gnome

Week #14 – LIFE’S simple pleasuresSpring

Fun little whimsical gnomes will soon be peering up through their hidden holes in my garden.  These funky little guys add a simple charm to my secret garden.

Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party” ~ Robin Williams


Rite of Spring, Spring Fever, Spring Chicken, Spring Break, Spring Training… Spring Cleaning!!!

When the day comes to SPRING Clean my garage I hope it’s a bit warmer than the 32 degrees in there now.  Heavy duty top to bottom cleaning is something I really do look forward to.  As our family changes and ages… some of the ‘stuff’ needs to be sent packing!  So, here is a before picture in one corner of the garage. It just feels right in my soul to clean un-used items out and organize what’s left!  It saves time and money if everything has a place, and every place has it’s things!

(for the moment, i am writing on blogger… then copying here for wordpress….so, please bare with me until I figure out which blow works best)

Here’s to Spring!!

Blossom by blossom the spring brings!!!

Brighten Someone’s Day!

Spring Fever

April 2, 2013

Spring, the season of new beginnings!

Today, April 2, 2013

Don’t you think February and March went by in the blink of an eye??  Everyone around here in the mid-west was beyond tired talking about the weather. And all the cold and snow we eventually got, seemed to last forever and was very late in the winter season.

I always get the best indication of the seasons through my window on the world, my backyard and patio.

After a few weeks of different ‘spring breaks’ our house is back to ‘normal’ today.

We all know spring is coming because some groundhog tells us… but he could be and is often wrong!!

Spring is coming when you fill out your NCAA basketball brackets (by the way, it’s looking like this momma who came in last place last year…. might be winning and taking $$ from my babies!!)

Spring and Easter are normally synonymous.

Once the newspapers’ sport section start showing baseball we all know there is Spring Training with Opening Day, not far behind.

Spring sales sell sandals when we are barely out of boots.  Spring fever happens when we get our first few beautiful days and no longer want to wear our dark, drab coats of winter… so we freeze our butts off to tell Mother Nature we know the calendar reads SPRING!  April Showers, bring May Flowers.  It’s Spring Time.

Once the last snow melted, I saw these tulip buds stretching out of the mulch to reach for the sunshine!

Week #14 – LIFE’S Simple Pleasuresspring!

This is a great pleasure to enjoy… it’s absolutely FREE!

Spring has Finally Sprung

April 1, 2013

Okay, what am I doing back here on my on WordPress account. Seriously???? I don’t know!

I’ve been taking this on-line class for the past two weeks with Jessica Sprague ‘Bloom Your Blog’ and I’m learning all sorts of fun things…. and then I hit a road block of downloads, and I’m stuck. And now I feel like I’m torn between this blog prdesigns on blogger, and the one I started with LIFE’S simple pleasures HERE at WordPress Creative Greetings. So guess what? Two blogs for the price of one until I can make up my mind!

It’s Week #14 and this week I will explore the obvious in our our neck of the woods – SPRING

Week #14 – LIFE’S simple pleasuresSPRING

easterspring 002

Now this topic can include the weather, the season, spring break, Easter, all things that bloom… there are any wide variety of topics to touch upon.

This is one of my vary favorite Cooper cards…. down dog position with the hoppy floppy ears. Didn’t send out many Easter cards this year. Oh well, the good thing about most creative greetings… they are timeless!!


Spring time means lots of walks throughout our county in the Conservatory Park District. We never knew up until last year that there were so many parks in our county. More of that on a later post, but we found all these by happenstance when we started Geocaching. Since we had almost 60 degree weather and sunshine (both together) for the first time this year… we were out on the hunt. More about Geocaching later as well.

easterspring 003

Sorry about all the glare and reflection, but in a way that’s a real good thing. What you are supposed to see is that the thermometer reads 61 degrees out… granted, it was in the sunshine when I read this, but I will take this reading over any 20 degree reading any day.

We actually had our first spring days of 2013. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and it really felt like a new beginning! What a simple pleasure!