Spring has Finally Sprung

Okay, what am I doing back here on my on WordPress account. Seriously???? I don’t know!

I’ve been taking this on-line class for the past two weeks with Jessica Sprague ‘Bloom Your Blog’ and I’m learning all sorts of fun things…. and then I hit a road block of downloads, and I’m stuck. And now I feel like I’m torn between this blog prdesigns on blogger, and the one I started with LIFE’S simple pleasures HERE at WordPress Creative Greetings. So guess what? Two blogs for the price of one until I can make up my mind!

It’s Week #14 and this week I will explore the obvious in our our neck of the woods – SPRING

Week #14 – LIFE’S simple pleasuresSPRING

easterspring 002

Now this topic can include the weather, the season, spring break, Easter, all things that bloom… there are any wide variety of topics to touch upon.

This is one of my vary favorite Cooper cards…. down dog position with the hoppy floppy ears. Didn’t send out many Easter cards this year. Oh well, the good thing about most creative greetings… they are timeless!!


Spring time means lots of walks throughout our county in the Conservatory Park District. We never knew up until last year that there were so many parks in our county. More of that on a later post, but we found all these by happenstance when we started Geocaching. Since we had almost 60 degree weather and sunshine (both together) for the first time this year… we were out on the hunt. More about Geocaching later as well.

easterspring 003

Sorry about all the glare and reflection, but in a way that’s a real good thing. What you are supposed to see is that the thermometer reads 61 degrees out… granted, it was in the sunshine when I read this, but I will take this reading over any 20 degree reading any day.

We actually had our first spring days of 2013. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and it really felt like a new beginning! What a simple pleasure!



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