Aint No Spring Chicken

Hello – until I completely decide which type of  blog I want to create, for the moment I have moved to


We are at Week #14 of 2013 and my blog posts this week are about one of LIFE’S simple pleasures ~ Spring.


I loved one of the quotes I found the other day by Henry Van Dyke, there is a difference between the first day of spring and the first spring day!!  It’s a matter of how you put a spin on things, in all walks of LIFE don’t you think???

In the mid-west we could say that a day with sunshine and blue skies with temperatures in the high 40s is a perfect Spring day!  Especially coming off a winter with 8″ snowfalls and wind chills of below zero.  On  gorgeous day like today, someone in the southwest might think our spring weather is their winter and be freezing their tootsies off in their leather cowboy boots!


The Spring equinox which started on March 20, 2013 at 7:02 am is the beginning of nature’s renewal. It’s really simple to enjoy spring when you take a moment out of you busy day and stop to really listen to the new sounds and observe animal behaviors and the way that the plants grow.

I may no longer be a ‘spring chicken’ but I truly realized this year and writing this blog … that LIFE is simple when you live SIMPLY.  Being in Week #14 of this year has been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.


Thank you for letting me share my he♥art.  Creating whimsical paper crafts with a twist of LIFE has been such a blast for me. My creative greetings are for sale by the way.  You wont find anything like them at the Hallmark store, and my prices are quite reasonable. Just think a bit in advance *wink* have any extra ordinary people in your life that are celebrating special events?  Help a small business grow!!!! :0)


A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots SPRING up and make new trees ~ Amelia Earhart


PS ~ I’m still in ‘blogover’ mode, so when you come back and visit me…. things may look a little different… just like me, a little quirky and odd, but loyal to the end!


Now go out there and BRIGHTEN SOMEONE’S DAY!


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