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Puppy Love

March 25, 2013

I aspire to be the person my dog thinks I am! Meet my new friend

Can you believe we are at Week #13?  That makes us a quarter through 2013!!  I am exploring LIFE’s simple pleasurespets. I don’t want to limit a simple pleasure to just the animals I have around my house.  Pets, although they need lots of time, attention and care, can bring so much joy and love to a house, to a family…. to a home.  Pet lovers are a different breed.tuckerHappiness is a warm puppy!!!  ~ Charles Schultz


springdogsCooper, our lab mix will be 8 years old this year.  Our big guy, he has the sweetest disposition and has been the best of friends! He’s beginning to slow down a bit and is getting some grey around his muzzle.  He loves to lounge on the steps in the sunshine.  Just with his eyes he tells me what he needs!

Tucker is our fuzzy bear and he is a 5-year-old Pomeranian.  We rescued him from a holistic dog shelter when he was 11 months old and he has many nicknames…. Tuck, Tucky, Fozzy Bear, Buddy and my favorite Kujo!  He’s tiny, but feisty and he lets you know when he’s not very happy!  When we walk him, neighbors who don’t know him want to steal him away because I’ll admit, he is very cute…. they just don’t know that it all is an act!! The words, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, not in his vocabulary!!!

That’s the college boy  {we’ve had him since the day he was born, ha ha} (who will be 20) with our furbabies on a walk in the woods last week during his spring break.  A boy and his dogs, very heart warming, don’t you think?

Week #13 – LIFE’S simple pleasuressome puppy love!


Good Day Sunshine!

February 20, 2013

Yeah we all SHINE on like the moon and the stars and the sun ~ John Lennon

sunn2I did a google search to find songs with SUN in the title, and it brought me to a blog that listed over 128 songs (and counting) .  I notice a number of songs were from the Beatles… what a powerful force the sun is!

Another day with the sun brightly shinning, but with a slight wind, I look at the thermometer on this winter day and it reads 12 degrees… I’m sure it’s a bit colder than that even with just such a slight windchill.  Forecast, another snow storm is to move in… so I will enjoy today’s sun!

Week #8 – LIFE’S simple pleasurethe sun!

The English language is always a strange thing when writing on any topic.  When I started thinking about this week and the word sun came to mind, I couldn’t help but think if I were to let my son SHINE!

changeofheart 019The mothers of little boys work from son up until son down!

The sun is 85% brighter than all of the other stars according to one astronomers statistic that I read. It in fact is a star, but it larger than all others because it is closer to Earth. It is also 109 times larger than the size of Earth. When we are looking at the sun it is actually how it looked 8.3 minutes ago because that’s how long it takes for that precise moment to reach us.

These are just a few ‘fun’ facts… some of the others were immensely technical and I can only just give kudos to scientist who study such a wonderful and massive ‘big thing’.  All I know for sure is that when the sun is shining it just makes my day even  better!!!

Look toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind!

LIFE’S simple pleasure – the SUNsun, sun, sun, here we come!

Fuzzy + Socks

January 17, 2013

socks 002

A simple pleasure could warm your heart or warm your feet! (Sometimes we call Tucker FUZ-zy bear)

Week #3 into the new year – have you thought of any LIFE’S simple pleasures?  It could (no, it SHOULD) be things that don’t cost a lot, something that brings a smile to your face instantly, a happy memory that SHINES through or something you just happen to stumble upon.

A familiar smell when you walk into a room or a song on your iPod (I was going to say radio, but that is so old-fashioned, hee hee) could trigger a simple pleasure.  Passing a billboard on the road or channel surfing on your tv could make you think… hmmmm, I remember that I really like that!!!

My journey through 2013 is to look, I mean really look for LIFE’S simple pleasures.  They are all around you and me, they are not that hard to find.  Wont you join me?  Leave a comment if you have thought MORE about simple things that make you happy!  Or just come back and visit me again tomorrow or next week.  Tell your friends to stop in.  Just link them up to my blog!

Each new day is another chance to change your life.

Brighten Someone’s Day!! – Peggy

The College Kid

December 9, 2012


Kyle 072

Since I am creating the “new” blog, I might as well include updates for any of you friends and family who wonder over here, since I directed you to do so in my annual Christmas Card.

Newsy letter or not? You can decide if/when you come here to visit. I’m saving a tree (is that true? or just a spin on a typical holiday comment) Or, am I keeping up with technology?

If you scrolled this far down, here today is our College boy. So proud! He is a sophome at the University of Chicago at Iowa…. ha ha! That is was some here in northern Illinois are calling it. There are so many students attending Univ. of Iowa from the Chicago burbs, it has it’s own, really funny name. Sad but true!

It was bitter sweet again to send him off to college last August, we took a Budget Rental truck to move ‘stuff’ to his off campus apartment. As far as we can tell, and the stories we have heard, he is pretty happy. Right now he is focusing on Business/Economics studies. All we can do is hope and pray that the US changes a bit in the next couple of years and there is a place for him to work… pay taxes and pay off his college debt!!!

Let the SunSHINE down

December 4, 2012

Let the SunSHINE down

Hi there…one of my first post on this blog. Let’s see if this can be my new home.

It’s the First day of many New Beginnings!

December 3, 2012

Hi there, if you got here, it means you found me, since I’ve moved.fall12 005

It’s going to take me a bit to figure out this new format on WordPress.

Come back and visit again, I’ve missed blogging and so much has happened.

Here’s to a fresh start!